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Purple Ball Gowns

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction


Opting for the color purple this prom season is a bold and memorable choice! Now, take things up a notch and consider a voluminous, fun and always stunning purple ball gown! A ball gown emits feelings of royalty, poise and perfection – pair it with the color purple and you will be feeling as regal as ever! So go all out this prom season and wow your crowd with a majestic and enchanting purple ball gown!


When choosing what type of purple ball gown is right for you, consider your personality! If you are the type of girl who wants to dazzling and shine as bright as the night sky sunset on her big night, then consider opting for a purple ball gown that is bejeweled and embellished with scintillating sequins, rhinestones or beads! These types of dresses are perfect for girls who are outgoing and confident! However, if you are slightly reserved but maintain the desire to showcase your princess side, look to strapless, sweetheart neckline purple ball gowns that have minimal embellishments. These types of purple ball gowns tend to make a statement with their presence and silhouette alone – no additional embellishments needed! A purple ball gown is sure to give you the spotlight during your prom night, so whichever style of purple ball gown you choose, the Christellas team is sure that just so long as you wear it loud and proud you will have a spectacular and memorable evening!


Purple is a fantastic color to dress up because it looks good with either silver or gold accents! So if you are looking to go the traditional prom route, our stylists suggest opting for silver accessories. However if you want to give off a more romantic appeal, gold is definitely the way to go! Gold accessories paired with purple really brings out the royal aspects that are tied to the color purple, silver on the other hand looks extremely striking when paired with purple – either way you definitely can’t go wrong! Remember, a clutch and a few bangle bracelets are never out of the question and can add just the right touch to any prom ensemble!

While silver and gold are staple accessories for prom, you can always choose a different route! Some girls like to color coordinate their purple ball gowns with matching purple accessories! These accessories can be either matching in color, or vary slightly by shade or hue! A purple ball gown with purple accessories is just as majestic as a purple ball gown with silver or gold accessories! Be bold this prom season and make sure to choose accessories that reflect how you are as a person! There is no better way to express your personality than through fashion!

If you have any questions or concerns about your dream purple ball gown, don’t hesitate to give us a call at the listed number or send us a message through our convenient chat box! Our professional Stylists are ready to answer any questions you may have to help you find your dream dress!