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Short Pink Prom Dresses

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Set Descending Direction


Calling all girls with bubbly personalities - the short pink prom dress is perfect for you!  There is nothing more fun and flirty than a short pink prom dress! While pink comes in all different hues and variations, it consistently portrays the personality traits of being radiant and confident! Girls who wear pink aren’t your average girls, they are the ones who own their femininity and wear it loud and proud! So if you are the type of girl that is all about the pink, then check out our short pink prom dress collection and read below for tips on style, accessories and navigating our website!


Short pink prom dresses come in variations of style and silhouette. For the girls who really want to portray the symbolic party pink dress,  our stylists recommend looking into dresses that have skirts made with tulle! These dress skirts have a stiffness that makes them poof out like a tutu, resulting in the ultimate party silhouette. If you want to softly rock party in a short pink prom dress, our next recommendation would be a chiffon short pink prom dress. Prom dresses made out of chiffon have a sweet and sophisticated style to them. They fall gently and gracefully around the body and catch the breeze majestically as you walk creating an angelic feel. This type of short pink prom dress would exhibit both a fun and sweet tone!

As for the girls who want a short pink prom dress that is off-the-charts showy, our stylists recommend looking into prom dresses that are made out of a jersey or stretch mesh material. These styles typically hug the body tightly showcasing the natural curves of the body, and might have minimalist appeal, or might be embellished with a fantastic bead design.. Either way, rocking a short pink prom dress made out of skin skimming material is definitely a way to turn heads this prom season!

While the material of the dress is important to consider when trying to convey your personality accurately, so are the different hues and shades of pink! The color pink is so popular and there have been dozens of color variations made. For the girls wanting a softer more relaxed pink, our stylists suggest pinks such as: ballerina pink, baby pink or dusty rose. As for the girls who want to showcase a more wild and vibrant side there are colors like: bubblegum, coral pink and hot pink! We are sure you will find the perfect short pink prom dress with us!


When accessorizing your short pink prom dress the most important thing to look at is your dress neckline. If your pretty pink prom dress has a strapless, sweetheart neckline then you are in luck! These necklines are wonderful because you are able to wear any type of jewelry – earrings and a necklace, just a necklace, or just earrings! Because there are no straps to these necklines, there is no chance for added clutter by choosing to wear jewelry. However, if you do choose a short pink prom dress that has fancy straps, illusion mesh or a high neckline, then our stylists recommend opting for just the earrings, and add more glam with hair embellishments or some bracelets!

After identifying which accessories will look best with your short pink prom dress it’s time to consider what type of jewelry you want! If you are looking to go the more traditional prom route, silver is always a go-to! Silver earrings encrusted with rhinestones or AB crystals are always formal  favorites. For the girls who want to make stunning statements, think about pairing your pink prom dress with some color coordinated earrings! Pink on pink is always a lovely look, or you can do a little color mixing! Consider matching white accessories with your pink dress, or you could really be bold and pair your short dress with some color complementing hues such as purple or red! The options are endless when deciding how to accessorize your dress – remember to choose accessories that showcase your awesome and unique personality!

Since you are about to rock a short pink prom dress, you get to focus on one of our favorite accessories – high heels! Your heels will be showing off your legs in full style,  so pick out a pair of heels that are not only comfortable but also make you feel fabulous because they are about to have their own debut at prom!  


Christellas’ staff is ready and eager to help you find your dream dress! Our stylists work tirelessly to make sure that our stock online and in our store is ‘best of brand’ quality, meaning that every dress is vetted with our strict guidelines on fit, construction and style. If you have any questions or concerns during your dream prom dress search, feel free to give us a call at the listed number or leave us a message on the convenient chat box located on the bottom right side of the website. Happy shopping, ladies! We can’t wait to work with you!