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Fashion Council


Katie Orsi ~ Senior Fashion Council

Senior, Skyview High School

Katie began her internship at Christella's on the Junior Fashion Council as a founding member and is currently completing her second year internship on the Senior Fashion Council. Katie says, "being a part of the SFC is a big part of my life. I love the work environment that Christella's creates which makes me look forward to my time spent there. Designing new marketing ideas with all the girls is defiantly my favorite part of being on the council. We have made commercials, created contests, and come up with ways to get the local high schools to get involved. It's pretty amazing how much a group of seven high school girls accomplish with the help of a willing business. "

Being a part of the Christella's family has sparked a new interest for Katie to pursue further education in business marketing. Next year she plans to study business as her college major. In her junior year of college, Katie plans to enroll in a study aboard program where she will study in Rome, Italy

Being a part of the Christella's Fashion Council is an integral part of skill building development. In Katie's own words, "Working with JFC/SFC girls has helped to boost my confidence and push me to seek out other leadership positions in areas that interest me. I've done this my senior year by becoming the Captain of both the Swim and Gymnastics teams in my school. I am also currently holding officer positions in three clubs, Red Cross, National Honor Society, and Women in Action. For Red Cross, I recently organized a blood drive where we had over 200 donors! These clubs all have a connection to volunteering in some degree, which I love."

Katie has a deep love for art and paints regularly. This year she loves her AP Art class the most. In fact, Katie has won several awards for her artistic abilities including a first in state in the Federal Duck Stamp competition.

The essence of dependability and commitment are just a few attributes that make Katie an exceptional part of the Senior Fashion Council. Her giving spirit and heart for service are exceptional qualities.


Brenna Yeager - Senior Fashion Council

Senior, Washougal High School

Brenna began her internship at Christella's on the Junior Fashion Council as a founding member and is currently completing her second year internship on the Senior Fashion Council. A dynamic personality with boundless energy for life, Brenna brings a sense of fun & fellowship to the council.

As a senior at Washougal High School, Brenna is Captain of her cheer squad, involved in student government, Key Club and volunteers regularly in her community. As a part of the JFC/SFC, Brenna has participated in creating Christella's marketing campaigns, our cable TV commercial, in school promotions, coordinating & modeling in both our Fall & Prom fashion shows and participating in our retail development in store work program.

With a desire to help others, Brenna has been an integral part of fostering the Christella's runway modeling program. Having started the JFC program with little modeling experience, Brenna has brought her ‘A game' and now helps assist our runway team in training for our fashion shows. Brenna has a special skill for teaching others and has been a significant part of developing our modeling team.

To know Brenna, is to bring happiness to your heart. Laughter is never far when you spend time with Brenna! Next year, she plans to attend a local college in order to stay closer to home as she works to discover her true academic interests. We love us some Brenna for sure!


Summer Pilcher – Senior Fashion Council

Senior, Oregon City High School

Just like Katie & Brenna, Summer began her internship at Christella's on the Junior Fashion Council as a founding member and is currently completing her second year internship on the Senior Fashion Council. As a senior at Oregon City High School, Summer has participated in many clubs and activities, as well as worked a part time job for the majority of her high school career.

Currently, Summer is living her dream as the reigning Miss Oregon Teen USA and will be competing at the National Miss Teen USA competition this summer in the Bahamas as a part of the Miss Universe Organization owned by Donald Trump. Summer has won many pageant titles and her varied pageant experience has brought a wonderful educational component to the JFC/SFC.

Pageantry has taught Summer excellent public speaking skills that she has contributed to the council through working as one of our best spokes models on our video clips. Her career ambitions include broadcasting and she is well on her way to making that goal a reality. Ambitious in nature and driven towards her goals, Summer knows how to set a goal and go after it whole heartedly.

With a deep love for expressing herself through fashion, Summer has brought class, style and knowing the importance of public image to the council. She has been a dedicated and willing contributor to all of the JFC/SFC projects since our founding of the council. To know Summer, is to know her fun, spunky personality with a touch of qwerky humor that will always keep you smiling!


Cassondra Teach ~ Junior Fashion Council

Senior, Tigard High School

Dedicated to whatever she puts her mind to, Cassondra enjoys being on Junior Fashion Council because it has allowed her to make friends with people that have the same interests and has given her opportunities to see what it takes to run an independent business. Cassondra says she has learned, "that marketing and reaching out to the right audience is very important to entice more customers and the importance of always being constantly on your toes because you never know what is going to happen next in a dynamic business environment like Christella's!"

With a love of dance in her heart, Cassondra has been perfecting her craft since she was a little girl. She also finds joy in volunteering for public service organizations and achieving her academic goals through club involvement in school. She is a member of her high school Key Club, National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Fashion Club, Sparrow Club, Principal Advisory Council and Concert Choir. Cassondra has been honored with the Rotary Award and Class Act.

Cassondra has been an important part of the Junior Fashion Council. She is both a team player and always willing to take on responsibility to the group as needed to accomplish the goals of the Council. Cassondra plans include attending Seattle Pacific University next year and double majoring in business and interior design.


Samantha Voeller – Junior Fashion Council

Junior, Union High School

Dedicated, on time, dependable, consistent, teachable and willing are just a few words that describe JFC member, Samantha. A junior at Union High School, Sam is active in her school theater program having scored roles in the majority of the stage productions for Union. A love for acting and the stage have brought an unmistakable comfort to her stage presence as a runway model in both our Fall & Prom fashion shows.

Sam enjoys doing community service and is an active member of her high school Key Club. In addition to theater, Sam is also deeply committed to her choir group as well. One of the highlights of this past year has been the Union Choir performance at the Grotto in Portland during Christmas break.

The council is an important part of the Christella's Culture and Sam has made her mark as a key member of the JFC this year. "The JFC has been a huge learning opportunity. It has been awesome working with all of the girls on the council and coming together each week to work on the tasks and projects for the store. Bonding with the group has been a great way of making new girlfriends. It is really cool to be a part of a working business where we actually get to do the planning for the different projects. Then the best part is getting to make the ideas happen. I am excited for Senior Fashion Council next year too!"


Alison Kotila – Junior Fashion Council

Sophomore, Sunset High School

JFC member, Alison is future focused with a growing career in modeling and acting. Alison has been featured in the hit series Grimm, as well as in print and on the runway for many of Portland's local fashion and jewelry designers. In addition to her modeling and acting, Alison has also held several state level titles in pageantry across many different pageant systems.

In addition to her mad stage and communication skills, Alison has a love for community service. She has dedicated countless hours to various community projects where she is truly making a difference in this world. Her heart is in the right place in helping others to achieve their goals, while she works on making her own goals a reality too.

As a JFC member, Alison has contributed to Christella's marketing campaigns, show promotion, pageant community promotion, modeling, web site design concepts and fashion shows among other Christella's projects. Her sincere nature is as charming as her sweet personality. You are sure to know her by her keen sense of style, full out fashionista!