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We’re here to help you find the perfect dress for your special event! In fact, that is exactly why our expert Stylists have created this Shop Dresses by Event category! Different events have different flavors and flare and we know how important it is to show up wearing the ideal dress for your occasion. In this category you will find dresses by occasion listed for easy reference. Our Stylists have curated collections so you can shop dresses by event specifically. Our goal is to take the guess work out of wondering what ‘is or isn’t’ appropriate attire. We have customers from all over the world and we love building collections around important holidays, celebrations, religious or faith based events, cultural events and social occasions in life! We are always interested in your feedback and welcome you to reach out to us with an event suggestion in case we don’t have your special event listed in our Shop Dresses by Event category. Lastly, if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for in this category, please chat or call us. We carry thousands of dresses, each of them handpicked across of hundreds of categories - so we are sure to have your perfect dress, it may just be in another section of our site!