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Fitted Prom Dresses

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Set Descending Direction

Fitted Prom dresses are typically made from stretch fabric that hugs and clings to the body creating the ultimate body silhouette. Think Jessica Rabbit, Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie ~ they are all famous for wearing this sexy style. Fitted Prom dresses allow you to show off your body while not exposing all of your skin. This is really a style all about highlighting the shape of your body, not revealing skin.

Fitted Prom Dresses are designed to lay across your curves and not be so tight that the fabric buckles or puckers. Quality of construction in fitted prom dresses can make a huge difference in the look of this style as well. Christellas has your back when it comes to fit! Every dress we hand select for fit, quality of fabric and construction and style. Each dress in our fitted prom dresses collection meets our Best of Brand guidelines and standards. this ensures you are getting the best designs from the top designers both establish and emerging.

You will find many of the fabrics in our fitted prom dresses category are stretch fabrics. These fabrics allow the most movement for a fitted body style. This is really important when it comes to dancing, getting in and out of the car and sitting down to enjoy your prom night dinner party. When taking your measurements, take extra care to be as accurate as possible. We suggest having a friend help you in order to get the most accurate measurements. Always order by the largest measurement between your bust, waist and hips. You can make a dress smaller, but it is far more difficult to increase in size. When in doubt, our rule of thumb is to order a size up.

Fitted prom dresses come in several silhouettes including the classic column style usually featuring a sweetheart neckline, fit and flare styles where the main of the dress is completely fitted and short styles that are more BodyCon in styling. All of these fitted prom dress styles have lots of back treatment and neckline options. Fitted prom dresses can be just as alluring, if not more alluring than peek-a-boo skin showing styles. One very important feature of fitted prom dresses is making sure that you are wearing the correct under garments. the wrong pair of panties can create pesky panty lines and those are a big "no no" when it comes to the fitted prom dress. We offer the ideal seamless panty in our accessories category to make sure that panty lines don't ruin your every photo opp at prom! You will find an awesome collection of bra options from stick on styles to our pump cup boobalicious sew in bra that takes every fitted rprm dress style over the top in the bust line department. If having the ultimate pump in your bust line is important to you, add the pump cup to your order for sure!

If you want to create a sexy look without being over exposed, consider a tight Prom dress instead. Tight Prom dresses take a little practice maneuvering, so don’t forget to try sitting down and getting up so you are flawless on your Prom night moving around. Tight Prom dresses and fitted Prom dresses are one in the same. We have many wonderful fitted styles in our 2016 Prom Dresses collection and know you are going to find the perfect style for your prom night at Christellas!