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Beaded Prom Dresses

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Beaded Prom dresses are the ultimate in elegance while being fashion forward and totally on trend! In this collection of beaded Prom dresses you will find embellished Prom dresses that are primarily made of beading, not just beading accents. We classify beaded prom dresses to have a minimum of 75% or higher in beading coverage on the dress. All the beaded Prom dresses that you find in this collection are hand beaded.Hand beading is an ancient handicraft practiced around the world in tribal communities. interestingly, some of the beaded prom dresses in our collection take over three weeks to make in India! Beading is an ancient art form and we are pleased to bring the most ultimate collection of beaded prom dresses to you for Prom 2016.

One of the awesome features of beaded dresses is that the weight of the beading often causes the fabric of the dress to hang super close to your body showing off your silhouette and curves. We carry beaded Prom dresses from size 00 to size 26 in regular sizes and plus sizes too up to size 30. Our Stylists hand pick every beaded prom dress style and make sure that the dresses meet our Best of Brand standards of excellence for fit, design, quality and style. Beaded dresses can be a little tricky when it comes to beading patterns. Our Stylists are careful to pick dresses that have designs with figure flattering beading patterns. The pattern of beading can make a tremendous impact on drawing attention to certain features of the body. Our Stylists pick the designs that call attention to all the "right" places and not accent features of the body that would be considered unflattering.

One consideration that we look at when adding a beaded prom dress to our collection is the weight factor of the dress. Especially when a dress is a strapless neckline. We only select beaded prom dresses that are manageable weight wise. Some dresses look super pretty, but they weigh a ton and are uncomfortable to wear. No one wants to lug around a ton of beads all night long, let alone try to dance while their dress is slipping down their body just because of the beading weight. If a dress is on the heavier side, we select styles that have supportive straps or cap sleeves to support the weight of the dress. Strapless styles are kept to lightweight beading styles. These are some of the factors that help you to shop with total confidence at Christellas. We think of all the little details that make a big difference in wearing your dress successfully. No one want to spend the whole night uncomfortable or having to tug or pull your dress up every few minutes. If we have found any special features of a dress worth noting regarding the beading, you will find those in our fit notes on the product page under the description.

In the world of beaded dress styles there are also several levels of quality. Gem stones can be made of plastic and still have lots of brilliance and luminosity. And not every glass stone is made to be a heavy weight or offers the brilliance you would assume just because it is cut from glass. We select our beaded prom dresses with the jewel quality as a consideration. Our stylists work to find the highest quality beading for the optimal price in various ranges. This is where quality can make a considerable difference in the look of a dress, especially in front of the camera (with flash too). We offer beaded prom dresses in all of the price ranges available and consider the quality of the gem stones for each category. We look at thousands of dresses a season and we only select the very best styles assuring our loyal Christellas customers the highest quality for the very best price possible.

The vast majority of the beaded prom dresses in this collection have sewn on beading. That means that we limit the amount of dresses that have prongs holding the beads on the dress. Pronged beading is subject to coming loose and the stones can become dislodged over time and get lost. If we have included a dress with pronged beading, we have evaluated the quality of the prongs and rated them within the standards of "holding up under regular wear." If a dress has excessive pronged beading, but we felt that it was just too wonderful to not include in our collection for this year - we have indicated that this dress has a large number of pronged gem stones in the description section of the product page. Most dresses do come with some replacement stones should you happen to loose a stone or two here and there with wear.

Beaded prom dresses are timeless and if you take proper care of your beaded dress, it will last a lifetime. The best way to store your beaded gown is to carefully fold the dress and put it into a breathable garment bag. We offer the perfect breathable storage bag in our Accessories section for purchase. It is best to keep your beaded Prom dress folded in a safe place in your closet without anything stacked on top of it. Hanging a beaded dress from a hanger will ultimately stretch out the fabric and change the structure of the dress due to the weight of the beading. So folding your dress is best. You will find many vintage inspired styles in our beaded Prom dresses section. We’re confident you will find the perfect embellished prom dress at Christellas!